Call for Proposals 2021

Moving Forward: Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic Conference is grounded in Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) Ecological Framework for Human Development, wherein a child’s context is integral to relational understanding, process information, and development.  For additional insight, please see: Using the named spheres of influence Bronfenbrenner outlines, please indicate where your 15–20-minute presentation (instructional approach, research, professionalContinue reading “Call for Proposals 2021”

Keynote Title: Time Catches Up: Ongoing Lesson for Education Stakeholders

Abstract The global COVID-19 pandemic created an ecological context ripe for reckoning at all levels.  From inequitable and often intentional hierarchies deeply ingrained into educational practice and policy to the psychosocial trauma students, teachers, and communities continue to face, education stakeholders are in a unique position today, as we attempt to move forward.  Drawing onContinue reading “Keynote Title: Time Catches Up: Ongoing Lesson for Education Stakeholders”